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Taking into consideration the fast paced lives and busy schedules people follow nowadays, We have decided to introduce the online estate agency option in order to provide convenience, flexibility and control for those who wish to have a more ‘hands on’ approach selling their property. Having carried out extensive market research, we have created four distinctive packages from which you can choose from. In the packages, you are given the ability to select what aspects you would like to have our expert and qualified professionals take care of, and what features you would like to do yourself.

We have included many services in all of our packages as we feel despite the new trend of online estate agencies, there are many aspects of the selling practice that are best handled by the estate agents in a traditional approach. This is due to the years of experience and complexity of certain stages in the sales process. We strongly believe a homeowners experience of selling their property should be a pleasant one and not stressful. No matter what package you choose, we ensure maximum exposure by advertising your listing on the mainstream property portals.


New Basic Package from only £300: (Click on the  upload your property link below to get started)

Our new basic package allows you to advertise your property for minimal fees by giving you the opportunity to carry out certain parts of the sales process; such as writing up the property description. In this package, as well as the others, we have included the valuation of your property to be carried out by a fully trained professional in order to ensure that you are getting the correct market value. There are additional chargeable services which may be further added onto this basic package dependent on individual requirements.

Although this is a very basic package, we still endeavour to carry out some key stages in the process. This ensures we can protect both the sellers and buyers throughout the course.


The Selling Process:

The process from start to finish with the other packages:

  1. Initial Visit: Upon this visit we will undertake the property valuation to ensure it is marketed at the correct market price. At the same time, we aim to provide as much information as possible in order to ensure the seller is confident and is assured they are in trustworthy hands. In the course of this visit, we look to discuss needs and requirements in order to select the right sales package for you.
  1. Photography (not inclusive in Basic Package): We provide high quality photography services in order to enhance the interest in your property to generate more viewings. This service is a chargeable add-on for the basic package.
  1. Advertising: Once instructed, we will then prepare your property for marketing across the internet portals.
  1. Viewings: Dependent on the package selected, we will take all enquiries and then arrange the viewings. Before arranging viewings, we always vet the buyer. This ensures a secure practice and cuts down time lost with non-serious buyers.
  1. Offers: We will always put every offer made forward to you. We make every effort to advise the suitability of the offer made. The final decision of acceptance or rejection, will at all times, be yours to make.
  1. Chain Checks: If the sale is subject to a chain then we will check the progress of the chain on a regular basis in order to keep everyone informed of the progress. This guarantees clear communication and that there are no misunderstandings throughout the process.
  1. Preparation of the Sales Memorandum: Once an offer has been accepted, we will then instruct the buyer’s and vendor’s solicitors.
  1. Assisting through the Contract Exchange and Completion Stage: We will ensure the buyer and seller are ready to complete their sale by liaising with the solicitors. To make certain the transition is smooth; we ensure the keys are delivered in a timely manner. The exact timeframe it will take up until completion can vary from purchase to purchase dependent on various circumstances. Typically, a better estimate of exchange dates and completion time can be provided by the solicitor.


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